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Caterpillar Room

The Caterpillar Room has been designed with peaceful, subdued colours in mind to help relax and comfort your baby at rest, however when sleep times are over, it is stocked with stimulating, age-appropriate toys for your baby to enjoy. Particular favourites are the soft-play toys and anything musical! There are also shape-sorters, bean bags and balls, stacking toys and a number of baby friendly picture books. We also provide sit and ride toys, tents and tunnels etc, to encourage walking and gross motor development.

There is a basic daily routine in the baby room but this is very flexible and takes into account each child's individual needs. Where possible the babies' day includes activities such as painting, sticking and messy play to develop their creative skills.

We will always keep you fully informed of your child's progress through a daily diary which goes home with your child every day, allowing messages to be passed between home and nursery. There are also regular meetings with the baby staff where you can discuss your child’s development.

Nappies will be checked regularly throughout the day and changed as often as needed. Parents are required to supply nappies and baby wipes/cotton wool for their child's needs.

Parents are also required to supply formula milk. When your child is ready to begin weaning please see your room staff who will talk you through our menu and plan which foods you would like us to introduce and when.

babies playing with Duplo
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