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Bumble Bee Room

By the time your child reaches this group they will have already been mixing with their new peers on a part time basis. This confident and smooth transition ensures that they are ready for new experiences and broader horizons.


In this room the children will have access to age appropriate toys such as puzzles, games and construction equipment in addition to messy play, cooking and arts, and craft activities.  A sure favourite is the ‘home-corner’ where children can lose themselves playing house and where many cups of imaginary tea have been made for the staff! The children also have access to a range of IT resources including a laptop, a tablet, a camera and a leap pad.

Children love to play outside and at Hope Green we utilise our outdoor facilities come rain or shine! There are a range of trikes and scooters to enjoy in addition to a sand pit and a climbing frame. Both staff and children enjoy parachute games and old time favourites such as ‘what’s the time Mr. wolf?’

Toilet training can be time consuming and sometimes a stressful experience. At Hope Green, we aim to work with the parents while helping the child to progress at their own speed. Every child is an individual and toilet training will be encouraged when the child is ready regardless of their age.

If you choose to send your child to nursery school when they are old enough, we offer school runs to selected local primary schools whether they attend a morning or afternoon session.

babies playing with Duplo
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