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Butterfly Room

Our Butterfly Room offers a transitional stage between the baby unit and the two to four year old Bumble Bee Room. The room is created to help the children develop their social and physical skills by encouraging independence and freedom of choice. There are age appropriate toys that promote sharing and group play in addition to developing each child's individual skills.


The children are given plenty of opportunities to explore outdoor play and all the fun that this can bring. 

The daily routine in the Tots Room is relatively flexible however, as your child progresses we will work with you to develop their routine in preparation for pre-school. 

We will always keep you fully informed of your child's progress through a daily diary and regular meetings where you can talk to your key worker.

Nappies will be checked regularly throughout the day and changed as often as needed. Parents are required to supply nappies and baby wipes/cotton wool for their child's needs.


Toilet training can be a time consuming and sometimes stressful experience. At Hope Green, we aim to work with the parents while helping the child to progress at their own speed. Every child is an individual and toilet training will be encouraged when the child is ready regardless of their age.

The children in this age group have the meals as detailed on the menu, however we would appreciate you letting us know if there are any dietary needs for your child that we need to cater for.

toddler in tent with colourful balls
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